Forum Rules *Read before posting!*

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Forum Rules *Read before posting!*

Post  ice cold. on Sun Nov 02, 2008 4:55 am

Please follow these rules when posting on this forum.

- Posts which include profanity, racist, inappropriate or hateful remarks are not allowed and will be edited or removed and the member warned. Trying to beat the word censor by using spaces, dashes or other symbols in place of letters to post a swear word will result in a warning.

- Please do not post links to download any copyrighted music, videos, or other content on the forum. This includes links to any full song or album downloads.

- Please make sure you post in the correct forums, posts in the wrong forums will be moved by mods/admin to the appropriate ones. And please keep offtopic posts in the Forum Hangout area.

-Avatars should not exceed 100x100 and sig banners should not exceed 500x250, unless you have just one banner then it can be up to 500x500 in size. No more than two banners or pics, or (10) 100x100 icons in your signature at one time. Also, you can only have 10 lines of text (viewed on a 1024x768 screen), or if you have no images in your signature you can have up to 20 lines of text. All images in your avatar and signature need to be no more than 500kb each in size.

- Please don't direct link to images on someone else's site. You should save pics to your computer and upload them to a free image host like

- Only one account per person is allowed. Banned users are not welcome back to the forum, any new account created will be banned as well.

- Posers are not welcome here, if you join the forum and try to pose as an actress/actor or anyone other than yourself, you will be banned.

-. Be respectful of all members, do not flame or harrass other members.

- Please do not double or triple post, this means posting more than once in a row, and also no post bumping to get your post at the top. Spamming in any way is not allowed and please do not bump really old topics. Sending chain letters and spamming through pm will not be tolerated.

-. Advertising other sites and forums need to be made in the "On the Web" section, any posts made in other sections promoting another site will be deleted.

- Please don't post personal info like your last name, phone numbers, home addresses, etc on the forum. Posting your pics is now allowed, but please do so at your own risk and only if you want to.

- Please don't post topics about dating other members of the forum, this forum isn't a dating service and it's just not appropriate for this forum.

-. Please don't make topics about "clubs", "stores", etc that you're making on this forum, a long time ago people started doing this and it just created a huge mess.

- Accounts that have 0 posts will be removed after 2 months, to keep the forum cleaned up.

Usernames can only have 15 characters, this is to prevent members from having names too long that stretch the page.

Members will be sent a warning if they break the rules. After 3 warnings, a member will be banned permanently from the forum.

Mods/Admin reserve the right to use their discretion when moderating posts.
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